Liberia Hospital Record System

Front-End Developer

Jan 2018 - Aug 2018

  • Led front-end development for a medical record system in the JFK Medical Center in Liberia.

  • Mentored by Yale World Fellows Ibrahim A. and Raheel K. with $3,000 funding from Yale Tsai City.

  • Utilized OpenMRS, an open source EMR, to create an MVP over the 2018 summer.



Nov 2017

  • Created an iOS application assist navigation between social spaces within a Yale residential college.

  • Implemented a Google Maps API, designed user-interface with Xcode, and created a map using QGIS.

  • Resulted in a 30-student beta test with an 800-student launch planned with college support.



Aug 2017 - Dec 2017

  • Created a patent pending wound sealing spray to reduce treatment times to below 5 seconds.

  • Developed the go-to-market strategy to expand an MVP to 3 developing countries.

  • Admitted to Yale’s Venture Program and won 1st place in Connecticut’s New Venture Competition.