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Niantic Inc

Data Scientist

March 2022 - Present

  • Automated data quality assurance checks in our data pipeline infrastructure

  • Created a new data pipeline for reporting mobile application crash data

  • Improved code modules with refactoring, error-catching, and documentation


Oliver Wyman

Senior Data Science Consultant

September 2020 - March 2022

  • Built a Django-based tool to inject and extract information from a client's database and website

  • Built a contract aggregation tool to enable a pharma client to drive throughput for their sales team

  • Conducted A/B testing to build a machine learning model to personalize customer offer strategy

  • Led end-to-end development of a novel pricing tool for a manufacturing client



Earnest Research

Data Analyst Intern

Summer 2019

  • Added a company to coverage by tagging a large card transaction data set in SQL

  • Backtested revenue predictions with the data and used Tableau to visualize results



Software Engineering Intern

Summer 2018

  • Developed a proximity sensor for the IBM Internet of Things (IoT) using beacon triangulation

  • Built Python pipelines to connect an IoT device to IBM’s Machine Learning Cloud Platform



Yale Helix Group


Spring 2018

  • Helix empowered students to create health-tech startups to solve complex problems

  • After one semester, 2 projects developed MVPs and were tested in clinics


Yale Department of Computer Science

Teaching Assistant

Fall 2017

  • Assisted a data structures and algorithms course with 170 students in C programming

  • Led review sessions, held 10 hours of weekly help sessions, and created study guides

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